For the past 7 years the Spodak Dental Group has hosted a beach clean up in Delray Beach, helping to keep our city, beaches and community clean.  This year, the clean up takes place on Sunday April 9th at 8:00am at the south lifeguard tower #5.

Caloosa WaterWear is proud to partner with the Spodak Dental Group as one of the many local sponsors of this year's clean up.

Keeping our beaches clean is so important since 80% of ocean pollution begins on land.  But helping to keep your local beach clean has so many more benefits than the obvious one of eliminating pollution.  Because of this, we have compiled the Top 3 Reasons you should join us this weekend:

1. YOU WILL BECOME MORE AWARE OF YOUR LIFESTYLE.  I remember after Hurricane Matthew blew through Delray Beach in 2016, we ran to the beach in hopes of finding sea shells.  We found dozens of beautiful Florida Fighting Conch Shells that day, but what was even more surprising and sad was all of the plastic we found.  The beach was littered with colorful plastic bottle caps, plastic hair barrettes, old tooth brushes and even plastic tampon applicators.  That day was incredibly eye opening to me.  Plastic does not decompose, even in the strongest salt water.  That experience opened my eyes to the impact plastic has on the environment and ultimately changed my buying habits.

2. YOU WILL GET TO KNOW PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY.  This beach clean up is not only sponsored by the Spodak Dental Group, but also Delivery Dudes, The Downtowner, Caloosa Water Wear, The Surfrider Foundation, Woo Creative and The Salt Water Brewery.  We've all teamed up to make it a fun Sunday morning clean up and are committed to keeping our village by the sea clean and beautiful.  Come out and meet us!  We would love to meet you and better yet we need your help!

3. YOU WILL BE SAVING MARINE ANIMALS.  Marine animals often times mistake small pieces of plastic for food.  Over time, with too much plastic consumption, their bodies become overwhelmed and eventually succumb to the waste.  I don't know of anyone who wants this to happen.  Our oceans and the marine life that dwells in it do not deserve to become victims of our waste.

So do a little good this weekend.  One beach clean up can go a long way.  Join us Sunday April 9th in Delray Beach for an enlightening and fulfilling morning of meeting fun new people, cleaning our beautiful city and saving marine animals.

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