Hello April & Happy Spring...and a free download to Celebrate!

Hello April & Happy Spring!!

It's a new season and time for a change in weather, no matter where you live.  As nature in most of the US is just starting to come out of hibernation, Florida is starting to slow down a bit.  This is the time of year that Tourism begins to slow, Snow Birds start to return to their homes up North and the weather heats up down South.  Towards the end of the season and into summer even the Florida locals try to get away for a bit as a relief from the heat and humidity.  

But for the locals, this is our favorite time of year to be in Florida.  We look forward to the traffic getting lighter, the crowds dying down, and not having to worry about making a reservation to have dinner at a restaurant.  And the best part for the locals is that the ocean is FINALLY warm enough for our cold blooded bodies to enjoy water sports such as going to the beach, swimming and paddle boarding.

Also it's the perfect time of year to wear Caloosa WaterWear's Ultra Comfort Shirts.  Many people ask why they would want to wear a long sleeve shirt in such hot weather?  I had that same question too, until I bought and wore my first performance shirt and much to my surprise, they actually ARE SO MUCH COOLER than wearing a cotton short sleeve shirt.  The wicking capabilities pull the sweat away from your skin, and the quick dry makes the shirt dry quickly making you feel cool and comfortable.  AND one of the best features is that the interlock knit fabric protects your skin from the sun at a 30 UPF rating, so you don't have to worry about wearing so much sunscreen.  We took a lot of care when selecting the fabric for our shirts.  We chose light weight fabric and made a fit that does not cling to your body so even in the hottest weather you will remain comfortable.  Whether you live in the North or the South, a Performance T-shirt should be on your shopping list this spring as you prepare to protect your body from the sun and heat.

As a celebration of Spring, we are giving you a free digital download Wallpaper for BOTH your computer AND your phone this month.  Click the links below to download them to your devices.

Click here to download our FREE Wallpaper for your Computer

Click here to download our FREE Wallpaper for your phone


April's digital download photo credit goes to Delana Fordham, Realtor, and was taken in Key Largo, Florida where she lives with her husband and two puppy girls.
You also can have beautiful views like this everyday living in the Florida Keys.  To find out more information about living in the Keys, click this link to visit Delana's Facebook Page


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