There is a shift in the air and you begin to hear the nostalgic voice of childhood as October arrives. Oh how we all looked forward to finding just the right Halloween costume so we could go door to door begging for delightful sweets…Times have not changed.

It's a universal experience, you know you will need a Halloween costume for the party you have been summoned to on October 31, and for some reason or other it's put off until the last minute…

Pictured above: Dancing Starfish Ultra Comfort Shirt


Our design team came up with a few ideas that begin with our new Caloosa designs. Below we show you how to quickly transform an Ultra Comfort Shirt into a bewitching costume that becomes you, simply by adding a few accessories which you already have at home.


Directions to make an unforgettable Jellyfish…watch out they can sting!


You will need:

Jellyfish Ultra Comfort Shirt

Clear domed umbrella (Amazon)

Rolls of wired and curling ribbon

Velcro with sticker adhesive

Giant Googlie eyes (Michael's Stores)

Assembly Directions: Cut the ribbon to your desired length, open the umbrella and use the velcro to attach the ribbon streamers to the edge of the umbrella.  When you have all of your ribbon tentacles attached, stick on the giant googlie eyes and you are ready to go!


Be the subject of legends and rumors…It's a Pirates Life in our Shipwrecked Ultra Comfort Shirt.

To enhance your look on All Hallows' Eve you will need:

Shipwrecked Ultra Comfort Shirt

Long haired wig with bandana...or buy the one pictured here

Eye Patch

Scarf with fringe to tie around waist for sash

You will need a little silver flair (a la Johnny Depp)

Mustache and goatee - grown your own or use make up


Hope you enjoy all the fun and magic that only Halloween can bring, and after the makeup and accessories are removed, you have a great shirt with UPF 30 that you can wear anytime.

Happy Halloween

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