Rebecca Fordham


OK, hands up if you love a parade with marching bands, barbecue’s and picnic food, outdoor activities lasting all day long, visiting or entertaining family and friends at home or waterside and FIREWORKS! Well if your hand is still in the air you are in luck my friend because July always begins with a dazzling celebration. America’s Birthday brings out a special charm…that’s right, the Red, White and Blue…The American Flag. 

To keep you comfortable as you celebrate Independence Day, we have patriotic, red, white and blue designs for men, women and children.

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It doesn't matter what month it is, Floridians love fishing, boating and other outdoor pursuits where we respect and celebrate our natural resources; and for this reason, many of our visitors come to the Sunshine State as their dream vacation destination for this enjoyment also.  

If you are an angler you no doubt know how popular shark fishing has become. Since 1988, the Discovery Channel has been host to Shark Week which will premier July 22 this year If you are a huge fan of this giant species of fish, you will be hooked on our Hammerhead Shark design and our new Great White Shark just added to our collection. Shark fishing has stringent state and federal rules, make sure you know what they are. 

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It's important that everyone protect their skin from the harmful UV sun; so we have set out to design shirts that have 30+ to 50+ ultraviolet protection in the fabric of our shirts. 

The designs on our shirts are authentic and created by our designers, printed and shipped from Delray Beach, Florida. 

So any way you celebrate this star spangled holiday, or indulge your passion for the outdoors, may your heart always burst with American Pride.

Happy Birthday America!

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