Rebecca Fordham

The Florida Everglades

Our inspiration for Fall comes from a magical wonder-world known as the Florida Everglades.  The creativity of Caloosa WaterWear’s designs is captured in the beauty of this national treasure where this tropical paradise seduced our senses and aroused our mind.

The Everglades is part of the National Park System and also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located across central and South Florida.   This ecosystems climate ranges from subtropical to tropical and has only two seasons; wet and dry.  It’s vast wilderness is close to 2 million acres in size with a web of lakes, marshes, swamps, prairies and mangroves that is home to hundreds of plants and animal species.

Butterflies are a year-round resident in the Everglades, more than ninety types can be found in this national park.

 Alligators can be found in this natural habitat, where over 200,000 make their home in this tropical wetlands area.  Airboat tours through the swamps give you an up-close view of these reptiles.  Once considered an endangered species, they are now thriving.

The Florida Panther is one of the most endangered species on earth.  The only breeding population is found south of the Caloosahatchee River with only around 200 of these majestic cougars residing in the Everglades.

 Bass fishing in the Everglades is frequented by seasoned anglers and holds the record for the highest amount of fish per person caught in one hour.

 Seashells are nature’s souvenirs, but NO collecting of seashells is permitted in Everglades National Park.  You can explore the remote beaches in the Ten Thousand Islands area where the offshore currents deposit countless shells onto beaches for your gift from the sea.  Please remember that it is against the law to take a shell off the beach that has a living creature inside.

Come and explore the Florida Everglades in person with a guide, by boat or kayak, walk or bike the trails, or spend a night under the stars camping. Can’t make the trip, visit the “Glades” virtually.  You will love the beauty of nature that surrounds you.  Our heartfelt thank you to the advocates who strive to protect this beautiful part of our world.

 Our entire Fall collection, inspired by this beauty of this wonder-world is now live on our website.  You can shop the entire collection here.

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