Rebecca Fordham

Wearing a face covering is important in these times and even more important is knowing how to keep them clean.  Here are our top 3 suggestions we would like to share about keeping your face covering clean to reduce the spread of COVID.

  • Cloth masks should be washed daily.   If wearing a disposable mask, it should be thrown away after use, according to CDC guidelines.
  • When cloth mask is not in use, keep it clean by placing in a pouch or small sealable bag.
  • Do not touch the inside of mask...take it off from the elastic behind the ears.  Fold it in half, touching the outside of fabric only.

Careful hygiene should also be used if you wear a fishing gaiter for protection of spreading germs.

  •  Wear a clean gaiter every day.  When not in use for a short period of time, just push it down around your neck.

Caloosa WaterWear protective face masks and gaiters are very easy to clean and sanitize.  Machine washing and drying is recommended after each use.   We offer a variety of designs for men, women and children.  Keep a supply of clean masks and gaiters in our Mask Pouch so they are ready when you need them.  The Pouch is the  perfect organizer to store clean masks and roomy enough for a small bottle of hand sanitizer, making it your on-the-go COVID kit.  This will no doubt be the number one accessory to toss in your handbag, tote or car...everything you need for protective hygiene in one little Pouch.

Keep it clean and can shop our entire face covering collection HERE

Remember, soap and water for cleaning masks and gaiters and also for washing your hands.  

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