Ahh, sweet February…the shortest month of the year; and yet it has so much celebration packed into this little month. Love is in the air and hopefully that emotion will keep your mind off the cold and bleak weather and the fact that it's not-quite-Spring-yet! 

 Our Caloosa team collaborated with nature and came up with a design that will win your heart…the Hibiscus. The flowering Hibiscus evokes togetherness, love, joy and happiness so we couldn't think of a better design for our February showcase with its winning color combination in shades of pink, coral and rose; reminding us of the February morning pink sky and glorious sunset hues. 

 Whether you are celebrating Groundhogs Day, St. Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year or President’s Day we have something sweet for someone special…for you or for giving…. remember that flowers melt hearts and heal misunderstandings.

Our charming Hibiscus bracelet with the innovative adjustable wrist band would be an exceptional token to brighten the gloomiest February day; and the promise of Spring is realized when you slip feet first into Hibiscus flip flops. Caloosa’s Ultra Comfort Shirts with 30+ UPF, V-Neck Shirts, Racer Back Tanks, Scoop Neck Slouchy Tees and Women's Fishing Shirts donning the lovely Hibiscus bloom are guaranteed fresh with reliable delivery.

Shop…you will Fall in Love with our Hibiscus Collection here! XOXO!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Our bouquet of accessories fit right into your gifting budget

Don't forget HIM this Valentine's Day.  

Surprise him with his favorite catch

Give her Flowers that she will wear close to her heart and last a lifetime


Each month, we share a little bit of what we love with you!  This February the Hibiscus flowers are in full bloom here in Delray Beach!  They gave us such a thrill that we turned some of our latest snaps into computer and phone wallpapers for you.  Download them for free and feel the love all month long!

Click the image below to download the FREE Computer Wallpaper
Click the image below to download the FREE Phone Wallpaper


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