We hope you are continuing to do well while schools continue distance learning or have been cancelled all together.  We understand that these can be trying times, so we have compiled a list of fun outdoor activities and few activity kits to help keep your kids entertained while exploring and learning about the outdoors!

Tinkerlab has some great ideas for kids as Earth Day approaches on April 22nd.  Some of our favorites are: painting rocks or seashells, planting a garden and creating a nature collage.  Check out their article on 50 Earth Day Activities for Kids....this list will keep your kids entertained for hours.

To enhance outdoor time, we have created an activity kit to help document your child's discoveries.  Your little ones will shine when they discover and explore the world around them...


This kit includes:

  • Ultra Comfort Shirt with UPF 30, Sea Turtle design 
  • 16-piece, heart shaped, jigsaw puzzle, Under the Sea design
  • Nature Journal, spiral-bound notebook
  • Package of 5 Crayola Markers
  • Pencil/Marker Pouch
  • A bag of Seashells to paint or decorate

 All of the items above come packed in a plastic sand pail that’s perfect for collecting rocks, bird feathers, leaves, flowers or anything else you find when out exploring.

Younger children may enjoy a Bear Hunt!  Uh huh, that’s right, a Bear Hunt! Inspired by the storybook written in 1989 by Michael Rosen, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", children across the country are looking for Teddy Bears.  This can be done on a small scale in and around your home, or include the help of several neighbors.   Ask them to place Teddy Bears in various places in and around their property (on the front porch, in a window)...the children will love looking for the hiding bears while out for a walk, while maintaining a social distance.


This kit includes:

  • Ultra Comfort Shirt with UPF 30, personalized with your child's name
  • Teddy Bear wearing a t-shirt to match the child's shirt 
  • Bear Hunting License - to insure child has proper hunting credentials
  • Tote Bag to carry all supplies during the hunt

And to end these fun days of play, we have the most perfect no bake dessert the kids can make to celebrate Earth Day...Dirt Pudding!  You can find the recipe here from

Bring the joy of play to your family with these creative ways to entertain your children as the days unfold and things begin to rebound in the world.  

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