Rebecca Fordham

It’s Summertime...the daily sunshine is a most welcome force, but be aware that skin protection from the harmful sun rays is an absolute must to keep you healthy and looking your best.

At Caloosa, we wear our highly versatile Ultra Comfort Shirts year round since we have endless summers in South Florida.  These shirts are available for men, women and children in various designs.  Ultra Comfort Shirts have long sleeves, sun protection ranging from UPF30+ to UPF50+, depending on shirt style, and wicking technology which allows quick-dry comfort against your skin.

For years, anglers have sported the fishing gaiter protecting their neck and lower face from long, sun-filled time on the water.  Caloosa now has face and neck gaiters for anyone wanting sun protection on their neck and face; some of our customers use it as mask protection for COVID.  Our gaiters are made of 100% polyester fabric, it’s breathable, and has seamed and hemmed edges to prevent curling.  Machine wash and dry for easy sanitizing.  Be sure to check out our beautiful new designs - our fishing gaiters are extraordinary!

Always take some time for a shady break from the sun, wear a hat, and enjoy a cool non-alcoholic drink for hydration.  Please don’t forget to apply reef safe sunscreen.

Summers best moments are enjoyed outdoors...Here’s to great adventures and skin-safe sunny days.


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