has teamed up with BEN HICKS so you can take professional looking photos with your iPhone 

So you are interested in Caloosa Custom Apparel but aren't quite sure you have the right quality photo that will make your custom shirt stand out.  Well, believe it or not, you don't need an expensive camera to take great photos.  Today I talked with an expert and a great friend, Ben Hicks.  Ben is a local South Florida fine art photographer and owner of Boca Raton Photography and Design.  Check out his website (

My very first question was "do I really need to hire you at your hourly rate to get a professional looking photo or can you give me some tips I can share with my customers?"  Of course, Ben being the nice guy that he is immediately obliged.
Ben recommends...
  • Take the photo in the middle of the day; outside with lots of light and a blue sky
  • Make sure the sun is behind you and that your shadow is not in the photo
  • DO NOT zoom in, but try to get as close as possible
  • The lower you are to what is being photographed the better the photo
  • Think about what is in the background, do you want other people or landscapes in the background that will detract from making your photo great
  •  If you are taking a photo of a boat, motorcycle, building, etc.; profile shots or 3/4 views work best

You can do this...and you will have the best looking Caloosa Custom Apparel that will have everyone turning their heads to look at you.

Be sure to go to Ben's website:, you will be truly amazed when you see what his talented eyes capture with the camera lens.  If you are still shy about taking your own pictures, give Ben a call at 561-558-7895 to schedule a session with him.  Thank you again Ben Hicks for these expert suggestions.
Below is a picture taken with an iPhone by a friend using Ben's tips above.  He took his boat out to a sandbar for the low angle, made sure there was nothing obstructing in the background and he got as close to the boat as possible but did not zoom in.  The result is a beautiful profile picture of the Dawg Haus!

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