4 Easy Ways to Help Protect Our Oceans

Earth Day is April 22 and it's a great time to reassess your life...Ask yourself, what can I reuse or recycle? ♻️ Is there something different I can do to protect this beautiful earth for future generations?⁠

Here are a few easy tips we want to share with you...⁠
🌎SKIP the Sunscreen! 😳 ⁠
Yup I said it! 🤭 Sunscreen is damaging our longer are our reefs filled with vibrant colors....instead they are grey and look like rocks. Replace sunscreen with one of our Ultra Comfort Shirts and Fishing Gaiters which will protect your skin and the reefs at the same time.⁠  Our Ultra Comfort Shirts range from UPF 30 to UPF 50 and the sun protection will never wash's not a coating, it's the way the fabric is woven, so these shirts will last a long time.
🌎Participate in a Beach Clean up 🏖️⁠
Sea Turtles, birds and fishes are consuming plastic at an alarming rate and not only poisoning them...but poisoning us too when we consume them.⁠ Make it a fun day at the beach, while picking up trash...and don't forget your Ultra Comfort Shirt to keep you protected from the sun.
🌎Wear a Reusable Face Mask 😷⁠
Face Masks became mandatory last year and it did not take long to find them littering parking lots, beaches and road sides! Make sure you have enough REUSABLE face masks that you can wear a clean one everyday and wash them frequently.⁠  We offer different varieties of face masks as well as fishing gaiters and bandanas that work well as face coverings too.
🌎Start Using your Reusable Shopping Bags again 🛍️⁠
During quarantine, many retailers asked us to stop using our reusable shopping's definitely time to start using them again when possible. Make sure you have bags that are durable enough to throw in the washing machine so that they are always clean.⁠  Our tote bags are made of a polyester and cotton canvas blend and are extremely strong and roomy.  Caloosa bags will hold up through many machine washings and look stylish at the same time.

All of the items mentioned here can be purchased on our website....but you don't have to buy them from us. Look first in your home to see what you have that can be reused before making additional purchases. We all need to work together to keep our planet safe 💙💚⁠

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