As you get ready to host or be a guest during the upcoming holiday season, you can count on Caloosa for anything the day brings.

You can…dress it up….keep it casual….or use it as activewear, knowing that our Caloosa Ultra Comfort Shirts have got you covered and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

We have three easy ways to switch up your looks with Caloosa for the upcoming holidays.



left: Deck the Palms Ultra Comfort Shirt   Right: Holiday Flamingo Ultra Comfort Shirt

DRESS IS UP: Yes you can wear Caloosa Ultra Comfort Shirts for dress up; just add your favorite skirt or velvet jeans, a pair of great looking shoes and you're set for stepping out in formal style day or evening. These wrinkle resistant shirts will look fantastic and be comfortable as well.


Holiday Sweets Ultra Comfort Shirt

KEEP IT CASUAL: Caloosa’s Ultra Comfort Shirts are easy to wear and adorned with our signature watercolor designs to brighten your day. The 30 UPF sun protection is there if you need it. So go ahead, slip it on over your swimsuit, on the boat or at the beach and you will be set for the day.



Deck the Palms Ultra Comfort Shirt

USE IT AS ACTIVEWEAR: Keep it active with our Ultra Comfort Shirts. Our shirts never tire in their performance of wicking away sweat and moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry. When you're outdoors biking, running, or any other activity; you need protection from the elements...and don't forget to take a Caloosa re-usable water bottle too!

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