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I am the luckiest person in the world because my husband took me on a Shelling Trip for my birthday.  We drove from our home on the east coast of Florida to Florida's west coast; a seashell lovers dream.

The cottage we rented was on the beach in Sanibel Island where the sand is white as sugar and the Gulf of Mexico's  turquoise water comes crashing on the beautiful shore where it leaves lovely gifts from the sea.  Sanibel Island is one of the best shell collecting spots in the world.  We immediately felt relaxed upon entering the beach cottage for Birthday Weekend.  We didn't use our cell phones or the Internet and walked or rode bicycles everywhere.  On our daily beach walks, we discovered beautiful seashells and could not resist letting them stay on the beach.  Bending over to pick up such a lovely creation, then another, and yet didn't  take long and suddenly we had a collection of seashells.    

All too soon our weekend was nearly over.  The last day on Sanibel Island was  cloudy with a threat of rain later in the day.  So after discussion at breakfast, we decided to bicycle into town some six miles away.  As the wind started to pick up we thought it might be best to stop for a little rest at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum where our weary legs could get a break from peddling.

This was our first visit to the shell museum and what a fortunate stop for us.  The natural history museum features exhibits of seashells from Southwest Florida and around the world.  There were volunteer docents  in the display halls ready to answer questions and give us insights to the exhibits, so much to see and learn.  Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum is the only shell museum in the United States and it truly is a hidden gem.  Just when we were getting ready to leave the museum I was drawn to one particular exhibit that featured artifacts of shells used as tools, utensils and weapons.  The Caloosa Indians were the original shell people and they found practical ways to use the shells so abundant to this area of Florida.  Caloosa, such a beautiful name...I knew I  would be doing some research on the Caloosa Indians.

My name is Rebecca Fordham and Caloosa Wear is the name of my company.  My love of fashion design started when I was 4 years old and received a sewing basket and a package of giant sized buttons as a gift.  By the time I was in high school, I was sewing my own clothes and designing my patterns.  I received a BFA in Fashion Design and have 20 plus years experience in the fashion industry.  While working for one of the most respected design houses as well as one of the  country's largest retailers, I learned to think beyond trends and design and look to the needs of the customer.

Through Caloosa Wear, I will offer you functional and fashionable sport/resort wear for your active lifestyle,  and will also share my love of the beach and what inspires me through my designs.

Here I am wearing one of my favorite designs...of course it's seashells!!


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